While The Irony is Hot | April 6, 2012

The idiots who run the world engaged our full support.
We voted them to perfect power to do the things we sought
When we put crosses onto slips instead of putting noughts,
And gave them rein to mess our lives with governmental sports.

And those of us with loads of dosh invested in the banks
Have sent a clear message of gratitude and thanks
By saying yes to obscene pay and obscene bonuses
Or saying nothing when it’s clear where the onus is.

So don’t let’s talk of blaming them for being total prats
And don’t let’s fight between ourselves like spitting, scratching cats
In fact, let’s not do anything that only involves talk
Let’s write and email straight to them and go on protest walks

And when we’ve walked our socks off and found nobody cares
Let’s stop our paying taxes, stop our buying wares
From places with no honesty, integrity or ethics
And strike, Strike! sisters, brothers strike like something chronic.


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