I Can’t Believe, It’s Not Schmutter

December 18, 2012
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(Geoff Stevens Tribute Poetry Readings at London’s Poetry Library at The Royal Festival Hall on December 5, 2012)

Attending for a fitting –
Fitting Geoff Stevens in,
his cloth cut,
where he suits
rubbing padded shoulders
of fine English versemen
in vestments his own.

Cloaked in our own off-the-peg styles
the tailored words of our blest friend
hang on the pegs in our ears,
our designer-label sounds ironed-on
to his bespoke material
once more bespoken.

Fine-chalked lines
once hanging on the air of his lungs,
suitably inspired,
expired in vibration of this air.

We speak, remembering his shape
in the shape of his poetry,
his voice intoned within our heads
his head entwined within our voice
and, in his prose repose,
he was there in absentia.
Remaining to be seen
and heard in others’ voices.