Assad and Cameron. Is it a double-headed coin? | September 19, 2013

Assad and Cameron. Is it a double-headed coin?

It always amazes me that British people, despite all the evidence stacked against the tall tales of the political machine like volumes of books against a door, believe them and heave the door open to allow the machinery of the powerful to rush in and instal their little yellow god. But neither Assad nor Cameron will survive. And the reason for that is because their voices are not distinctive. Assad, rather stupidly, has not projected his voice onto the world stage. Cameron, rather unfortunately, has a nondescript voice that will be forgotten as soon as he is ousted.

During the third election of Margaret Thatcher I couldn’t find a single person who would admit to having voted for a Tory government. She would not have been elected for a second term if it hadn’t been for the Argentinians invading The Falkland Islands. Yet there she was, top of the greasy pole once more. A travesty of deceit held over the ordinary women and men of Britain. But her voice resonates in the heads of those who heard it.

Tony Blair was gifted the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. She died so that he could benefit. He always had a flair for opportunism and would have been a great Tory if, when he flipped his political coin, it had given him less manoeuvring to do. But he pulled it off and turned The Labour Party round by scrubbing its working-man’s face and snipping away its braces, by prostitution of Labour principles for a bucket of tar. New Labour had no principles by the time he left office…. ‘bert’ his speech was distinctive.

So now we have a New Labour Party seeking a new role that is kinder to ordinary folk so to grab the attention of ordinary voters and a Liberal Democrat Party that owes its brief fame to an unlikely deal propping up a Conservative Party that couldn’t win an election. A better deal would most certainly have been New Labour and Liberal Democrat but, unfortunately, Gordon Brown did not go a year earlier and at election time was being castrated by his own party.

The Liberal Democrats were formed when David Steel sold the ancient and noble Liberal Party in an effort to give himself a greater power base. An additional five percent of the vote would have made him on a par with the other two major parties, but on the way he lost the faith of solid Liberals and solid Labour/Democrats.

So now we are left with a Tory Party driven by wealth and greed with an occasional sop to the middle classes, and the rest of the political landscape, being a disparate array of rebels railing against the horrors being hurled at them.

Assad is a true blue Tory wielding his various weapons against his own disparate array of rebels. Of course, Cameron doesn’t have the permanence of tenure that Assad is fighting to keep, so the number of ‘his own people’ that he is killing is far less and far more subtly done. But he is acting for and on behalf of those who really don’t give a damn about ordinary human beings as long as it doesn’t impinge on their own lifestyle and their systems that keep them in their luxurious place.

The weapons and the severity of injury they cause are the real differences between Assad and Cameron. The injuries to ordinary Syrians are heavily physical. They are sustained and cruel and as a result over six million have become refugees and thousands have died.

The injuries to ordinary Britons are heavily financial. They are sustained and cruel and as a result thirty million have been moved to struggle against poverty, nearly half a million now seeking assistance from food banks, and hundreds have died. One third of all UK children now live in poverty and in some cities it is almost half the children.

The University of Bristol’s “Poverty and Social Exclusion” project published, earlier this year, ‘The Impoverishment of the UK’ report. Here are some of its findings:

Over 30 million people (almost half the population) are suffering some degree of financial insecurity;
Almost 18 million people cannot afford adequate housing conditions;
Roughly 14 million cannot afford one or more essential household goods;
Almost 12 million people are too poor to engage in common social activities considered necessary by the majority of the population;
About 5.5 million adults go without essential clothing;
Around 4 million children and adults are not properly fed by today’s standards;
Almost 4 million children go without at least two of the things they need;
Around 2.5 million children live in homes that are damp;
Around 1.5 million children live in households that cannot afford to heat their home.

Thank you Nick Clegg for ameliorating the public suffering with a few extra school meals. How long before you realise that you are a simple stooge?


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