A Filial Cry

March 31, 2014
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We made our way there, to the hospital,
Travelled far to be there at her side,
Negotiated time and home arrangements,
Suspended daily life to make the ride.

Already she had lost communication,
Her point of view internalised for aye.
She reached out for a final hug from me then,
And when I left she waved a last goodbye.

It seems her body-mind made its commitment,
Prepared itself to fade from the confusion.
Control was handed over to the medics
And the family to battle with delusion.

It never was the same when I returned there.
Her poor, bruised, saddened earthliness had waned
Never more to wax and shed the gloom of it.
Only the dejected here remained.

The heart cries out to whomsoever listens
To give relief from all the body’s pain,
To end the weariness of waiting hopeful
But dreading the demise of filial strain.


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Finding Entropy

March 2, 2014
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Never mind the fire
Never mind the pain
Catharsis trickles from those lovely eyes
Mingles with your thoughts of summer rain
Feeling the cooling winds
Spinning fiercely round bins of green and brown
Discarding into sheltered nooks