Zombie Love

October 31, 2014
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On another day – another sweat-saturated night
– another time of year – another time of life
This would seem a bad dream in the brain of a worm
– the mind of a bat – the head of Medusa
You would seem like a fallen angel
– a vicious beauty with claws in my flesh
– teeth in my neck
– a trickle of red making haste
from clavicle to navel
mingled with sweat from the brow of a sultry night
But tonight…..

You made the earth move
Heaving up the soil as you rise through the mound,
suppurating from death’s unease and Earth’s disease.
You crawl, creep, dripping with decay
to smother my body with sticky slime, moonlight-shiny,
as I acquiesce and the stench of old fornication wells
as your thighs enclose and blot out sounds
and my being shrivels, sinking into your broken skin welts.
I am consumed, subsumed within your
Zombie Love.


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October 4, 2014
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Cradling the broken body of her child
her face silvered by salty rivulets
falling as pearls onto the young, silken skin
sinking into the neatly crocheted fawn blanket

and all the years and moments of care,
the feeding and the needing and the worry,
the funny times, the sunny times now glare
through empty eyes that will not have to hurry

homeward for the comfort of a bedtime
wonder at the brightness of the moon
all nights now painted with this crime
all days eclipsed by fixed leaden umbra

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