Just Imagine

November 12, 2014
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Just imagine being home
Morning strands puncture the sweet, still air
Birds, in drips and drabs, lend music and cheer
Curtains tugged apart to blast the eyes brightly
Tender feet trudge the soft carpet fibre comfort
A family wills itself in exploration of a new day

Just imagine not being home
Nightmares crash you out of desperate dreams
Deafening whistles blankets muddy thoughts
Shells pound recognition into dark-flashed chaos
Dying creatures and their jellied parts which once were friends
Shouting, shouting, muscles squirming a pained response

Read the letters
Hello mum, I got the baccy tin you sent, thank you
I put your photo in it to keep it nice and clean
There’s nothing clean here everything gets soggy
Good job the enemy *********ssshhh! – censored*
So we all have tea but nothing like yours. I wish!
Love you, mum.

Read the replies
Hello son, so glad to hear from you, you’ve no idea
We worry so about where you are and if you are alright
We’ve heard that our boys are *********ssshhh! – censored*
So you will take care of yourself, won’t you, my sweet child?
It cannot go on much longer, hope you get leave soon

Dear Madam,
It is with sincere regret that I must inform you
Your son, has been… declared missing in glorious action
While making a victorious attack upon the dreadful enemy.
You should be delighted that your son and his platoon…
Successfully – gained – another –
hundred – yards – of – Belgian – mud.
Before being buried under it, never to be found.

Just imagine
Morning strands puncture the soured, still air
Birds, in drips and drabs, lend music and jeer
Curtains tugged apart to blast the eyes starkly
Tender feet trudge the grating carpet fibre
A family wills itself in desolation of a new day.


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