Stormy Tuesday

April 16, 2012
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They say tomorrow comes the storm.
Today – – – it’s warm.

It’s April and the wind is cool
but, sitting in the sun, I fool
the weatherman and nature’s breeze
by drinking tea and eating cheese-
on-toast and staying in the shelter
where my sun-drenched back may swelter.

April couldn’t be much better
Tomorrow – – – it’s wetter.


Nearly Summer

April 1, 2012
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It felt as if the middle of the year

Had come to spread its syrup sun about

The sorry fortunes of the winter days

Dissipated with the gathering warm

But callous Nature played us like some fools

Captured in an April Foolish trick

And brought us back to feeling sorely cold

With prospects of an April spiked with snow.

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